Trying to Fit it ALL in…

Phew…it was a race this week, but we managed.  Martha and I blasted to Portland on an errand yesterday and got to PDX just as Ryan Wilson Paulsen was in the gallery and gave us some chat about his current show with his wife Anna Gray (up at PDX until November 30th).  I’ve admired their work for a few years (since their house burned down and they turned it into art) and I was very taken with the current work.  Ryan explained that they work from texts.  He said that in this piece (didn’t write down the title, sorry)…

Ryan and Anna..

they were working with a particular text, and that if the piece were shown again and again, it could never be set up the same way twice, just as a text is all different with each reading…(i.e. what you read in “Huckleberry Finn” at age 20 will be different when you read it again at age 50…)

But it was really the rock pieces that knocked me out…

rocks 4rocks 3Rocks 2

…and here are the artists in their studio with this piece on the wall…

By What Magic

Ryand and Anna

of course….next came…


today bike ride and thinking of my old friend Ralph Wright…

bike rideRalph

and then today tea…at Richard and Juli’s where we celebrated the 161 persimmons harvested so far…



and then on to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art for the unveiling of a new Joe Fedderson fused glass sculpture…”Fish Trap”…


Also the opening of the Crow Shadow show…more on that later as even I have my limits.  Over stimulation caused a stop at Alcyone for dinner and a good martini (thanks John!)…then home to get the baby shower quilt put together…


Baby showr quilt

…and HEY…don’t forget to bring your blanket donation down to the museum for the Marie Watt piece…Karen did…

Karen's blanke


  1. Surely one of the BEST EVER baby shower quilts! Love the photo of the fishtrap & its wonderful shadow, giving it additional power & mystery. Great installation.

  2. Really like the banners celebrating RH and others! I’ve sent a note to Jerry Gray asking for a picture of his banner!

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