Four More Days!

Well, it’s true. the week before Christmas isn’t the “bloggiest” time of year.  Life takes over and examining the life comes second or maybe 15th on the to-do list.  Here’s what the week looked like…Carwash…

car wash 1car wash 2 car wash 3

car wash 4

kitchen retro-fit…

kitchen 5kitchen 6

kitchen retrofit


coffeefruitcake 1fruitcake 2



Christmas 1de la tourChristmas 2

We’re almost ready!  You?


  1. Let me recommend Grant Wingett to you…CCRC (Custom Cabinetry for Residential/Commercial), 1531 Fern Ridge RD. SE, Stayton, 503-581-7147. He came, measured, came back and spent a day removing the old shelves and replacing them with the rolling slide out shelves. Also rebuilt every drawer, euro-sliders, and then put the old drawer fronts on the new drawers. Beautiful work (2nd generation cabinet maker), tidy, plesant…really a great experience. (email me for pricing!)

  2. Beautiful, Bonnie! Car wash photo looks like a fantastic Northern Lights display of sky-wide proportions. How did you arrange that? Love all the photos: perfect essence of the season. Am envious of your wonderful kitchen shelves…perhaps NOT a seasonal feeling? Love & Joy to You & Yours! (including new-to-the-scene, Sidney!)

  3. Hey, Bonnie. Finally got a moment to stop by. I see you have the holiday spirit and your grandson is adorable–many congratulations! And have a Happy New Year!
    best, nadia

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