Living the Creative Life: Jon Colburn, 2013

A nice way to coast down the slope of old year is to visit a studio…most especially the studio of an industrious worker.  I’ve written about Jon Colburn before here and here, but haven’t visited his studio in a while.  The studio is deep in the back garden

studio in the garden

and Arvo was outside to greet me…well sort of…

studio door with Arvo

and inside we got right to looking at the paintings.  Jon works with “Themes” like “Witness” for instance…


“The Running Man”

Ru8nning Man 1Running Man 2

and…wittily…”Gallery” (he doesn’t have a gallery right now so he “hangs” his paintings in his painted gallery…

The gallery 1

the gallery 2the gallery 3


Falling 2

Arvo's World

detail Arvo's world

tools 1tools 2

We sat and looked at his books of work from past decades,

books 1Books detail

Books 2a


face 1face 2face 3

talked about the catalysts for life decisions…here the only remnant of his Paris apartment that exploded due to a gas leak (luckily while they were at the movies)…which caused a move to L.A….etc. etc.


and then we headed across the street to The Annex at Salem Art Association’s Bush Barn where Jon is doing a residency (familiar to me because I had that nice studio in 2010).  He’s concentrating on prints, using the old Rembrandt Press in the building.


All the work we looked at was experimental…he says he has yet to produce a “finished print”…he’ll be having a show at the Focus Gallery in Bush Barn in May…mark your calendars!


print work

print truck

print witness 2

prnt tools

he calls this a happy accident…he printed the marks made from wiping the plate…

happy accident


  1. bonnie, we always enjoy your studio visits even though we get a wee jealous of the lovely studio spaces you photograph so well. a special bonus with the visit to jon colburn’s was the link you provided to his studio as yet unfinished, all new & spacious. by now though you have probably discovered for yourself that your 2nd link is broken. we can only imagine what that blog post might have offered. looking forward to “On The Way” in the new year. ***Happy New Year***

  2. Thank you for the beautiful blog Bonnie! It was one of my best birthday presents today to revisit your blog. Jon

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