Cleaning the Closet

January.  The month of new beginnings, of hopeful restarts, of resolutions…and of cleaning the closet.  Have to.  Every January.  This year I bought a nifty bamboo shelf for the “shoe problem” and assembled it all by myself with no directions (well, VERY sketchy directions, anyway.)  I saw such a thing in a magazine…though MUCH more up-market… as was the closet.  It seems to work pretty well…

shoe shelf

But in the bottom of the closet was the thing I’ve come to dread around here…a sack of framed things (or worse yet, a BOX of framed things)…


But really, it was a fun walk down memory lane.  My Mom always had a “photo wall” in her apartment, with pictures of all us kids…and some of us were always askew…(art mirroring life?)

Mom's wall 3

and when she died, everybody took away their own photos.  I put mine in a sack and I guess I stashed them behind the shoes in the closet…me at about 3…

little mew 2

How and me at about 2 and 7…

me and How 2

the high school me (ignore the eyebrow pencil, it was a phase)…

HS me 2

me and R as newlyweds…

me and Rog

Zach at 3 months…hey, he really looks like Sidney…!

Zach 2



  1. I love the Bonnie and Roger newlywed photo! Adorable, and the boys, yes they do look alike! Love those genetics…..amazing little ones, we are….nice find!

  2. Just in from cleaning out the greenhouse.
    Very VERY far from a closet that needs help.
    I almost never clean out my closet and it is a disaster.
    My kids cringe thinking they might have to clean it out.
    BUT my kids photos are all over the house.
    They stare down at me, framed, probably crooked, from walls and mantels and shelves.
    Wrote about that the other day.
    These photos of yours are great. Love the newlyweds.
    I am floored by Sidney’s fingers! Look how long!
    But better yet…the absolutely adorable grin.
    I still think he looks like you.

  3. Sidney looks SO much like his daddy! Could be the same baby. My vote for favorite photos goes to the one-of-each of the newlyweds…what a couple of adorable young people! Thanks for sharing from the depths of your closet. If I thought I would discover anything as interesting, I might actually clean mine. A rash thought.

  4. LOVE these photos you have shared, including the picture wall with some pictures askew at your mother’s home. You and Roger are cool young hipsters and have only become more cool with age. I too like that enhanced eyebrow photo and also the cotton eyelet ruffed blouse, a detail that indicates to me how the two of us moved through space in the same era.

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