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1945.  Salamanca, New York.  Fanny Black Hull opens first one and then another book shop on Main Street (19 and 61) in Salamanca.  Piatt Hull is in France in WWII.  Roger Hull is a tot.

2014.  Salem, Oregon.  Roger Hull sorts and files the papers and photos of his parents and grandparents in order to retrieve the linen closet.  Certain things come to light.

First a brochure entitled “How to Start a Small Business in New York State”…

G- starting your own small business

plus a pamphlet on how to start a book shop with enticing photos of successful businesses…

Beekman Place Bookshop

and as as long-time library worker I was surprised to discover that rental libraries went WAY back…


plus lots of good advertising graphics were available for store owners to use”’

G-ReadG-guy readingG- we've missed you

G- Guy reading 2G- Gal readingG- gal at window

and I was reminded that “back in the day” you could send a note in the same town by simply writing “City”…I like that idea…


And so she began with a small shelf of rentals, books for sale, magazines and subscriptions, some pottery, aprons, stationery, baby clothes, candles and so on…she advertised in VOGUE…and had some fun…


paper trail

opening announcement

book shop left

book shop right

The big candles were handmade on Cape Cod and in a handwritten note Fanny mentioned that they were particularly beautiful as they burned leaving the outshell with the inside glowing cozily…

candle case

and on the opening day the local photographer Harold Woodworth came and stood on a ladder to get a few shots including this one with Fanny Black Hull on the left.

The Book Shop w: Mo