Snow Day

There is something really nice about a snow day…a day without walls, a stay-in-your- jammies-all-day-if-you-want kind of day, as Ellen says (she lives in Vermont where snow days are more prevalent).  I hear they are calling this “Snowpocalypse  2014”, this weekend we are entering.  (Growing up in the mid-west, a scant half of an inch of snow after it has been snowing for 6 hours would probably not be a total catastrophe…just sayin’…)

snow dY 2

We were about to head out to Henk Pander’s first Thursday opening and then spend the evening admiring Sidney and doing a sleep over…but fate has decreed otherwise.  The first half of the week was busy…finished a quilt for a young lady due to be born in March…


yesterday after THREE hours of ukulele…gad…


Heidi and I headed over to the Cannon Gallery at WOU (I felt a little sad to think Dan Cannon has just died, but a little happy that the Gallery carries his name) to hear sculptor/installation artist Marie Sivak talk about her show (still up until the 14th).

On the way in:

guy takiing photo

and then the gallery talk…


hanging piece 1envelopesenvelopes 1


and then printer number one (broken)…longggg phone conversation with a nice guy in India…


printer # 2…not able to connect wireless to computer…longggg phone conversation ahead…


and then last night we went out to Pentacle to see R’s FAVORITE play

program cover

and if you can fit it in, it’s good fun.  David Ballantyne is hilarious and terrific.  Directed by Lucas Hill.

Lucas and DVID

We decided on blueberry pie…

blueberry piepie 2

and the snow keeps coming down…stay warm out there…

dusk deck





  1. Definately a snow day up here on the hill. So grateful for heat. Was just remembering aloud to my daughter how in Eastern Oregon, where we had to ride old (at the time) yellow school buses for many miles to school, I don’t remember ever having school close due to the snow; lots of it, too. However, the boys were excused to go deer hunting during the season. Saw “Importance of B. E.” Tuesday. It is a huge favorite of mine!

  2. no jammies for you. btw, dave was algernon in a class reading of ‘importance…’ long before we were an item, & he cracked the class up. love that play. been a long time since we’ve been to pentacle. sounds like a plan.

  3. Some of us”braved” the snow and made it to Jimmy Mak’s for the second night of Third Angle’s Riffs. Brian McWhorter spent 7 hours on I-5 to drive up from Eugene! He missed his part, but everyone was glad he made it for the end of the concert even if he didn’t get to play.

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