Snowpocalypse? Snowmageddon? Valentines??

As it turns out, none of the above were reasons why I took a little blog vacation…it was the more mundane collapse of my computer and the subsequent purchase and installation of a NEW computer as well as…of course…the installation of a new printer that would “interface” (I actually don’t like that word) with said new computer….sigh.  Everybody out there can identify…endless hours on help-lines, calls to apple care, HP…etc.  FINALLY…it all seems to be working…(fingers crossed).


AND everybody out there has a snow narrative, a valentine narrative of their own…all  pretty much the same…put it WAS beautiful.  We WERE stuck at home so we took lots of pictures and cooked things.  At the risk of boring you totally, I’ll run them like comic strips…(click on anything to make it bigger):  it started slow and built to an amazing crescendo out on the deck…

snow dY 2snow day 2IMG_0930


the camellia fell over onto the car and had to be shaken…


we baked Irish soda bread (no yeast in the house but LOTS of raisins…)


blueberry pie…soup

blueberry piepie 2IMG_0935

made a tiny snowman that got covered up


and our neighbors did too…


and then some lovely home-made valentines rolled in from loved ones…

EllenCarolnicandsloy 2 nicandsloyB&Rvalentine dinner

two bouquets…

two bouquets

the valentine’s feast was gobbled up…

valentine dinner all done


and…voila…today is presidents’ day and February is half over.  On we go…



  1. my question has been answered…that is a nicholsloy vase. a perfect valentine! and i love your snow photos…nothing like a few lights and a “litttle” snow to get your creativity flowing. your eye is amazing!

  2. Exceptional in every way! Love that the weather supported such coziness and reflection of hearth & home for valley residents. We often remark that while Oregon has so many wonderful attributes, it does lack that deep sense of serene down time that used to blanket the Midwest.

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