Henk Pander, Louis Bunce, and Georgette Jones

We headed to Portland last weekend to look at art…and found some before we ever hit the galleries…

street view

Stopped in to Laura Russo to catch up with Henk Pander’s big, muscular watercolors…

Henk eastern Oregon

Henk table

Henk big watercolor

and while we were there R pulled out some Louis Bunce paintings as the “Louis Bunce Season” is starting up…this piece was one of five parts of a mural from the Oregon Centennial Exposition in Portland in 1959…

Bunce mural panel

this was a studio view…

Bunce "Studio"

(I love how “period”–1956– but not “dated” this piece is, title: “Ridge Anatomy”)…

Bunce pink

and this wonderful small drawing/painting knocked me out…

Bunce tree

and on our way to see the most adorable grandbaby ever…


we stopped at 12X16…I liked this grid of small pieces by Georgette Jones…lots of good marks…up until March 2…

Georgette 3

Georgette 2

Georgette 1


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