Kate Wagle/Keith Achepol

Print maker Keith Achepol has a show at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art this month…a suite of prints based on imagined narratives derived from Italian ex voto images.  Thursday night metal smith Kate Wagle of Portland spoke about the history of the ex voto, and her own interest in them as metal objects.

Kate Wagle


Ex votos, milagros, items of gratitude or supplication…found in many cultures.

KA's exvoto

but first she took us to Italy (and this is NOT R in front of the Trevi Fountain…one of his MANY doppelgangers out and about)…


and after she told us a lot of very interesting stuff about the ex votos, their manufacture, uses, popular time periods, etc….we slipped into the gallery to see Keith Achepol’s interpretations and imaginative narrative riffs.  Keith Archepol will be giving a gallery talk in his show Tuesday, April 1st at 12:30…JUST after returning from an ex voto-gathering trip to southern Italy.  Better mark your calendar.  The prints are nice.








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