John Brodie/Debra Beers/Ted Vogel

On our way to and from seeing Sidney (our current priority!) we swung through some college art galleries and saw a couple of terrific shows.  Portland artist John Brodie’s show “Versus Artifacts” is up at the Linfield College Gallery until March 22 and is well worth a trip to McMinnville..

Versus Artifact title


This one is called “Hello, Welcome”…

"Hello, Welcome"

Brodie the big picture

pink 2 pink 1pink 3

stump 1 stump 2 Stump 3

Stumps 1, 2, 3

"Red Vessel and Linen"

In the piece called “The Lounge” you could sit on a sort-of couch and contemplate which of the off-set posters you’d like to take…we chose one…

"The Lounge" 1  "The Lounge 2 our choice

and R really liked this piece called “Blue Vessel”…

"blue Vessel"

though as he walked around and around it he began to remember the cheese-cloth butterfly wings he had to wear in a 2nd grade school play…hmmm…

BV 2 BV 1 bv 3

and on our way home we stopped at The Hoffman Gallery at Lewis and Clark to catch the end of the Debra Beers/Ted Vogel show which comes down March 9.  Worth a trip to Lake Oswego…the Hoffman Gallery has two good-sized rooms which makes it one of the best spaces around.

In the first room is Debra Beers installation called “The Space between”…numerous small panels with drawings of garden plants and insects each paired with a drawing of a garden glove mimicking the shape of the natural thing…garden glove sign language, sort of.

The Space between big view

sb6 sb 3 sb 2


and in the second room she has large paintings…apparently painted on stretched canvas, and then the canvas removed from the stretcher…


and “Cleo’s Farewell”

Cleo's Farewell

Ted Vogel had many installation pieces but my favorite was “The Campfire Stories”

Ted Vogel Campfire Stories

Ted Vogel Campfire Srories 2



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