Another Party Day….

My last birthday celebration was today, for this year anyway…a delicious lunch, a beautiful pavlova, and a present that matched my outfit…

lunch the cream that refuse to whip dessert

birthday present

and after laughing a lot and giving my heartfelt thanks, we whisked away to Portland.

Rain the building

Rain the agency

David Savinar of the Rain Agency and President of the Maryhill Museum board, along with trustees Anne Avery and Matthew Johnston, was hosting a reception for sculptor James Lee Hansen, whose show is currently at Maryhill until July 27th, 2014.

The event was lots of fun with many well-wishers there to see the Hansens…


but at a certain point my eye fell on the window sill…

horses 3 horses 2 horses 1

Here’s art historian Roger Hull with Steve Grafe, curator of the Maryhill Museum.


On May 17, 2014, from 2-4:00 pm, Mr. Hull will moderate a panel discussion of the show, and Hansen’s work, at the Maryhill Museum.  The panel will include sculptor MJ Anderson, Bruce Literal, and art historian Libby Dawson Farr.  Outside was evidence of the rain itself…ahhhh Oregon.

gutter rain





  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie!

    I am new to the Salem area, and I am learning so much about the cultural scene from reading your blog.

    Thank you, and enjoy your special day!


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