Lee Kelly, Tom Prochaska, Sara Siestreem

Portland Art day…had to pick up my birthday painting…a little painting by David Selleck called “Doplar Radar” which totally cracks me up (you’d have to know my family and their love of weather reporting)…


and then on to see Lee Kelly at Elizabeth Leach…and they are handsome,

LeeKelly 1

Lee Kelly 4

Lee Kelly 2

but we were completely beguiled by the platforms that all these “Pavilion” sculptures have…

platform 2 platform 1 p[latyform 3

then on to Augen to see the Tom Prochaska show…

Prochaska 1

where I was captivated by these little filmic narratives…

Prochaska 3 Prochaska 2

though this took my heart…thinking back to my Sonja Heine days…

Prochaska 4

At Augen I LOVED the work of Sara Siestreem…so calligraphic and so perfect pitch for me today…

Sara Siestreem 1

SS 2 SS 4

SS 3

SS 5

and these very painterly small George Johanson paintings from 2000…the Vista Bridge and a city view…

Vista Bridge view

I like this Rebecca Ripple sculpture at Upfor Gallery…sort of an Ikea approach to sculpture…you can almost see the instruction sheet…

Rebecca Ripple

…and art viewers, these shows just opened so you have a full month to see this work!

We stopped by the farm to see the new chicks…Golden Comets…just delivered today…


…and the other little chick…the “little dude”


but it was a rainy Saturday…

rainy day


so we headed home.  Fire in the fireplace, lemon-mustard chicken in the oven.





  1. In case I haven’t said so lately, I love your blogs. Won’t you come visit sometime when you’re planning to come to Portland? I would love to show you some quilts! xoxo

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