Italy 2014: Villa Castellino and on…

Right after our AMAZING group left, we began another lively and fun week.  R’s sister, husband and daughter arrived and after a Florence tour (George was with us in Florence in the 1990’s, Fanny with us in 2011…all new to Jennifer) the five of us took the train to Terantola, where we picked up our rental car…a brand new Skoda Yeti (a Czech car), and took off into Umbria to find our home for the week, Villa Castellino.  Villa Castellino is a renovated farmhouse near the towns of Lisciano Niccone and Mercatele, which suited our needs perfectly with lots of bedrooms, bathrooms…a nicely appointed kitchen, lots of wonderful eating spots indoors and out…a pool.  First the Florence tour with J&F, and then the house…

Domijans arroive

Duomooff to Terontola



Castellino front castellino front 2 Castellino #45

ahhhh pool 1 pool to house

Food played a huge role in the week…first the shopping at the Coop…


Then check Giorgio breaking out his apron…

Chef Giorgio

and getting to work…

dinner recipe Dinner the chef at work dinner prep

he chef at work

…and he had help…

Fanny cooking

The house had great eating areas in and out…in the sun for breakfast…


on the terrace for lunch and dinner…

lunch on the terrace

dinner villa dinner ambience 3 dinner chops

dinner "the chicken" dinner # 1 dinner ambience 2

and inside for the one rainy day…

inside dinner

But we lunched out quite a bit…Montone, Passignano, San Sepulchro where we visited Diane Martin…a student in the early 70’s…who now lives there…

Diane's ouse

R & Diane

lunch 5 lunch 1LAST DAY 4

lunch 4 lunch montone lunch 6 (F&G)

We had fun…

Gelato at the Lago J&F B&R

drawing 5 drawing 2 rawing 3a


lunch as a photo op

evening 5 evening 3 evening 1

Fan at Trasimeno

view from Montone



Luccio 2


pool to house 2

the castle

Since 2001 we’ve rented five different Umbrian properties from this agency (Ca di Bracco, Villa Forconi, Castellino, and 2 no longer on their list…) and have always had the most fun with well equipped kitchens, comfortable beds and good bathrooms…given them a look.  Ciao…









  1. oooohhh! we are breathless from looking out that window in your second photo. dave says, it looks like a painting! we also both want that farmhouse, Villa Castellino, as our retirement home. romantic times. you two know how to love life to the fullest.

  2. Great blog as always. I felt as if I experienced some of this with your beautiful photos. It also made me very hungry.

  3. Guess I didn’t really need to ask you if it was fun. Wow. Don’t think you could improve on this.

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