Italy 2014: Postscript

So after the Umbrian idyll and saying good bye to loved ones we headed…


yep…back to Florence for two lovely days.  We found the restaurant Garga right near our hotel…I’d taken a cooking class from Sharon back in 2001 when the restaurant Garga was on Via del Moro…and we had a fabulous dinner…


ending with this amazing dessert…sort of a decadence (flourless chocolate) in olive oil with rosemary…this I HAVE to try…(or Sally, can you do this wonderfully???)

dinner Garga dessert

We looked at a couple of modern/contemporary things that were fun.  When we had gone to see the Pontormo/Rosso Fiorentino show earlier in the trip…

R and Pontormo

the ticket also was good for a photo show of contemporary photographers from around the globe on the subject of family.  There were still photos, video, and R’s favorite, an “environment” with a mid-century modern feel…

family matters Family matters R Family Matters R 2

family matters 3

which I liked because the table settings were embroidered onto the cloth…(and I spent the whole trip embroidering–more on that later)

Family matters tab;e

we walked slowly toward the Piazza della Signoria…

Street art

and since it was 97 degrees we stopped at Rivoire and paid an absolute fortune for a salad…but the view was good….


and we noted there was a Jackson Pollock drawing show at the Palaazo Publico…what????

So we headed over and while R stood in the LONG line for tickets, I stood in the courtyard and watched people taking photos…too much fun…

PV photos 1 PV 7a PV 7

pv 6 PV 4pv 3

PV 5a PV 2 PV

so I got into the spirit of it…

PV selfie

and then the Pollock show.  Well, you had to wind through all of the historic exhibits…including the Hall of 500 where it is thought there is a Leonardo fresco of the Battle of Anghiari under one of the Vasari paintings…

Hall of 500

but FINALLY we reached our goal…a lovely and small selection of Pollock’s work from the late 30’s and early 1940’s (he died in 1956) which was terrific to see.  Now keep in mind, photography is STRICTLY forbidden…first the show was “dropped” into a big historic building in an interesting way…


and I got these two…(with my phone)

Pollock 3

Pollock 2

and was ABOUT to go for a photo of the wonderful little set of four small paintings from the mid-late 30’s which delighted the art historian, when the photo police got me.  Nice show.

Even a recuperative gelato couldn’t help us as the temperature was 98.  We staggered back to the hotel and decided on Chinese takeout for our last meal in Italy…

chinese take out


followed by a shower in one of the new type of Italian bathrooms…all slippery tile, beautiful, but nothing at all to hold on to, no grab bars, and the tubs all a foot higher than the floor of the room…thank goodness for crocs…scary…


and the next morning we folded back into the airplane and headed home…(BTW six inches from my nose to the seat back in front of me of course, fully reclined …)


The next morning we headed to Court Street Dairy lunch for an early breakfast…

Court Street Dairy Lunch

and a tour of our garden, which had gone completely crazy while we were gone…

garden deck:chair

garden 1

Good to go, good to come home…



  1. How wonderful. I’m glad you had such a great trip, and even more glad you arrived home safely. Wish I could have been there, too, but I hope to return to Firenze some day. Book is coming along beautifully!

    1. Wow! I am envious of Roger’s black codpiece. Now I know why he was hanging around all those erotic paintings.

  2. roger among the nudes and the side glancing eye is a show stopper. we too are glad that you took precautions in that slippery tiled bath. too easy to ruin everything with one sudden fall, as on ice. your return garden is further proof of nature’s superiority over the cement of our civilization. your porch was next in its wild encroachment.

  3. good morning and welcome home Bonnie,

    I have enjoyed experiencing your trip to Italy over my morning coffee: a lovely way to start my day. Thank you for sharing.

  4. i ate at that chinese restaurant! it had to be? very good food.
    and those dang photo police. they can sure cast a shadow on a reporters work. hard to tell a story with hands bound, but you did an incredible job Bonnie. loved every word and picture. thank you for taking the time to share.
    did fred and ginger have as much fun as B & R?

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