Studio Day

I haven’t been in the studio much…Italy, 4th of July, grandbaby….so today I sort of sunk in for a while.  It’s cool out there in the studio (temperature wise, I mean) totally shaded by a walnut tree and a bay tree intertwined.  As is my habit, I try to find some past work to look at…hmmm.  The bridge paintings?  “The Conflagration in the Garden” from the Adam and EVE series?  Not today.  Today I opened the book of collages I started in 2011…and, as often happens, I liked them much better than I did 3 years ago…especially the ones that are spare…collage book

Some have a poem, some are just images…

The illustrations for my life story

Solstice 2



earth angel



Summer quilt

Summer, 2011

and then I took the path home…(I think I might have put these on here once before, but if I can’t remember, you probably can’t either!?)

path home








  1. Bonnie, It is amazing how attached I have become to your blog. I worry when nothing is received for any stretch.(not to mean that you need to do anything differently)…Just an observation about the new interconnected life. However, I was thinking about you and AGAST, I thought I might call to check on you.i then remembered Wed. and I calmed down. Listening to OPB radio and they said we are going into a heat wave… maybe changing our location for lunch. Do you want to meet on Fairmount or the Meridian? Have a great hot weekend. Martha

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