Quilt Group/July

Today we met at Kathleen Leonard’s house and let me just say, she is a VERY creative person.   We arrived and looked around her nice house, settled in with some coffee…



and I began to slowly realize that the woman is a dynamo.  She’s only been quilting about 10 years and she thinks she’s made 200+ quilts, giving away about 60.  We easily saw another 60 today…and every household activity seems to have a quilt…

sink quilt

We chatted and did a little “show and tell”…Kate had gotten these cool 1890’s Singer sewing machine cards at a garage sale (the first one is for you Nadia),




and then KATHLEEN began her show and tell.  I’ll make them thumb-nails for you non-quilters, trusting that quilters know they can click on any photo to enlarge it…



Q12 Q11 Q10


Q4 Q3 Q2

here’s the hobo quilt…the squares taken from a book on signs left by hobos in the depression


here’s her grandma’s quilt she like to curl up under and read, with amazing fabrics…

Gma 1gma 3Gma 2

And check this out as a way to use those stray yoyos…left over from when you thought you’d make a yoyo quilt…


Yoyo detail

…saw her sewing room…

sewing room

more quilts…wool…

wool quilt

wool stash…

wool stash

She made a “happy quilt” on a gloomy day, and appliques this adorable found potholder on it for EXTRA happiness…


LUNCH time…our first annual salad lunch…



…oops, missing a napkin…open the green cupboard…


“oops, I forgot about the small ones…”

oops the little ones

One quick turn around the fairy garden and we were off…

Fairy garden

Thanks Kathleen for an lovely and inspiring day…xo







  1. Thanks girl reporter for colorful fun. Encore Furniture has a Singer with everything – just like that first card. I think it’s priced at $300 and appears to be in beautiful condition.

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