The Corson Building

If you are looking for a memorable dinner in Seattle, off the beaten path, exquisite, attention to detail, carefully sourced food…I’ve got just the place…The Corson Building…(5609 Corson Avenue, S…Seattle)

Corson 1

The building was at one time a family home and business that sold statuary, and is located in an industrial area south of Seattle, called Georgetown.  As realtors sometimes say it is “close to transportation”…

viaductdumpster and trackstrailers across

and even…


but this in no way interferes with the beauty of the place…

Corson 2

Corson from the garden

Here was our lovely table on the terrace…

Our table

On Friday night the menu is a la carte, 7 starters and two mains.  We chose to share five of the seven starters and then three of us had the cod, two had the lamb.  the starters looked like this…BEAUTIFUL, fresh (they have a farm on Vashon Island) with intense flavors of fantastic combinations…


tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers

smoked salmon

lobster mushrooms, zucchini ribbons, grilled eggplant

ham, grilled eggplant, pickled onions

and this was my cod…

black cod

For entertainment we watched a jolly crew setting up a tent in the alley behind, for a wedding dinner Saturday night for 90 (super entertaining to a former caterer)…with everyone seated at one long table…fun!

alley 1the tent

Corson from the alley

Next time you’re in Seattle give it a try…





  1. bonnie, we shared this post with family in seattle who also enjoy lovely places with excellent food. our hope is that the next time we visit them (hint hint) they will take us to the corson.

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