“Modernism in the Pacific Northwest”

You have until September 7th to get to the Seattle Art Museum to see an excellent show of “Northwest Modernism” (i.e. SEATTLE modernism), painting from the mid 1930’s through the late 1960’s.  The four featured painters are Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan and Guy Anderson, with work also by George Tsutakawa, Paul Horiuchi and Leo Kenney…sculpture by James W. Washington Jr., Philip McCracken and Tony Angell.  We spent a couple of hours there contemplating the imagery, techniques, subjects.  The paintings are mostly work on paper and there are some just smashing things.  Morris Graves…

graves explosion

This one is gouache on “oiled paper”…intriguing…

Graves red

(This is in the permanent collectiion but we saw it on our way out…an oil…vibrant)

Morris Graves oil

Mark Tobey…a real range of eras, media, expression…

Tobey (mask)

based on this native mask…


Tobey "Signs and Messengers" Tempera on board

Tobey "Space Ritual #2" sumi

Paul Horiuchi…

Paul Hporiouchi, 1957, "Torrential Rains"

Paul Horiuchi, casein on paper on board

George Tsutakawa

Tsutakawa "Search"

Guy Anderson…

Guy Anderson

these are paintings with ENERGY!

a brief peek out the window…

museum view

and a walk through the permanent collection with this beautiful Helen Frankenthaler …

Helen Frankenthaler

and back into the city …

viagra guy





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  1. As I can’t possibly get up to Seattle to see this show, thanks so much for the great tour! Love the ‘energy’ of the works & the city glimpses. Oiled paper? Really like its effect.

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