Cutler City…the Summer ends….

Okay, maybe you’ve had enough of Cutler City…but if not, here’s a little more….the Bay House Restaurant is the structure at the far right…Cutler City Cafe in those days…CC and Bay HouseAuto camp

Here’s the original Crab Pot under construction…

building of the Crab pot

and we used to have a dock back in the day…(Tyko once told me it was to load timber…but the Bay is too shallow for boats now…note no houses on Salishan spit)


by the 1960’s the dock looked like this…

60's dock

and today there is just a trace left…

dock remnants

The possible city names back in 1965 were “Miracle Beach, Lincoln City, Miracle City, Surfland, and Holiday Beach.”  Lincoln City won by a margin of 3 votes.  2015 will be the 50th anniversary of Lincoln City as an entity so there will be more tidbits to come, I bet.

But this past week was the full summer week…where chores were integrated with fun.r cauklking


we took a trip to Local Ocean for lunch…

R Local Ocean

and discovered they have opened a new dining room upstairs…with an elevator to get there!

dining room 1

and we stopped for ginger scones at Panini in Nye Beach for the next morning…

ginger scones

the sky was beautiful…

cutler sky


…this little house is for sale…

for sale 1

When R picked huckleberries out of the side yard for our yoghurt…


it reminded me of the Rhoades family’s days at Cosmic Cottage…

hucleberry drawing

so we closed up summer shop…

water the plaNTS

and took the amazing Schooner Creek Road home…10 gorgeous miles….

Schooner Creek 1

before you hit the clear cut…

clear cut






  1. Any subject you observe and share with us, Bonnie, is, by definition, one that I will not tire of, given your treatment of whatever it may be. Today’s is particularly lovely. And interesting!

    1. Cutler City can be a regular feature, it gets my vote. I treasure every photo and every word… everything you send our way.
      if you have any more info on the little cottage for sale, i would like to know more.

  2. The Cosmic Dwellers still have that drawing. It hangs on the side of our Y Not fridge! Thanks for keeping the Culter glow alive!

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