Quilt Group: September

We met at Berneice’s yesterday and it was fascinating.  This group ranges from maniacs to traditional quilters, newbys to old hands, all encouraged and accepted, which makes every meeting a pure delight…plus seeing where people live and work is interesting…Berneice’s cheerful, tidy and very lovely house is just like her.  B 1B- pots

Her fridge front is full of family photos and stacks of gorgeous pots are everywhere as her son is a potter…but we came to see the quilts.  Berneice works by hand.  She often pieces by hand, she does lots of applique, and she totally quilts by hand with the tiniest needle I’ve ever seen.  Her work is beautiful…take a look:

B- hexies

B sampler

B stitching

applique detail

…and a few flimsies…

coast project

B- f2

B- f1

B- applique

and this amazing one…thankfully not quilted yet so we could see her hand piecing….

F 3

hand pieced

this friendship quilt won her a blue ribbon at the State Fair…

Blue ribbon

and carries this label…


and here’s where the quilting goes on…(the quilt on the frame is for a new grandbaby)


the sewing room is familiar…

sewing room

Another friendship quilt…all hand quilted of course…

yellow friendship

I got an applique lesson (sorely needed), we had coffee and chatted and did some hand work…talking about future projects (Sue Spargo time coming up for Berneice and Linda and Deanna!)

B- Spargo

idle hands…never in this house!  Thanks Berneice!!

B coasters




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