The Block a Month Club

Kate and I agreed to do the Moda block-a-month challenge mostly as a way to see each other at least once a month and have a coffee!  We picked up our first block pattern and fabric Friday and then sat in the sun a drank coffee…and then R and I came away to the beach after taking down my Project Space stuff…IMG_0565

arriving just in time to race to the beach and catch the sunset…not a cloud in the sky…

sunset J Young

Not a cloud

…but today, when it was 95 in the valley, it was cool and misty here.  We did take a bike ride, but then I decided to attack my block.  The number ONE block has flying geese and HSTs…it requires pinning, careful careful seam allowances, not my usual mode of operation (I don’t like following patterns too much) but it was fun…

square 2

During the year we’ll make 12-12″ blocks, plus with additional blocks it will look like this…

the whole q

so here it is…a 12″ square…

FIRST square

BUT, of course I noticed there were a few scraps…


so I decided I will make a 6″ block of just serendipity, with the scraps from each month’s block…and then see what I get…tomorrow back to the steamy valley.



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