That Tennessee Thrift Store Quilt

As my quilting “practice” takes up more space in my life, things shift and change a little (art is still number one though…new studio coming on line in October!).  I find I really like having a “vintage” quilt to work on…off and on…and this weekend I finished up the quilt-top I got in Tennessee a couple of years ago that I’ve been hand-quilting.  I decided to post it here because I noted it was in the background of sooo many photos…since I dragged it with me everywhere…thought it might be interesting to see where it’s been…

Q just starting

Q mig

q in basket

q Sidney 2

just Q

q inroom

q with Sidney


beginning April:May

the whole thing, almost

the backing is an old sheet from Value Village…all done…on to the next…


in this case the ugly fabric challenge quilt begins to be quilted (I have until Decemeber…phew)..the orange and the black and white are Japanese Ikata cloth I got in Seattle this summer.  The swirly stuff is what Kathleen gave us in quilt group…just a tiny bit…and challenged us to make a quilt all done by December…ugly


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