Where Art Leads You…

Sometimes you just have to sit on your hands and let it all roll over you…in a good way.  Friday night was the Sponenburgh Lecture for 2014 at Willamette University…this time a favorite son.  Adam Stennett graduated from Willamette in 1994 and two weeks later he was in New York City seeking his fortune as an artist.  We saw 87 slides of his work and heard of a long string of studios, gallery shows and adventures.

AS title

He began with illusionistic  paintings of mice and rats (roommates)…

AS, cat and mouse

AS poppies AS , mouse on a glass

and ended with a recent and intriguing installation “performance” piece wherein he lived in a shack in a Long Island meadow for 31 days, self-sustaining, painting 14 hours a day…and soon he may repeat this here in the Willamette valley.

artist's shack

Saturday up early and off to Stevenson, Washington…a beautiful drive up the gorge…we were heading to the Stevenson Public Library to jury a public art show sponsored by the Friends of the library…(we did this same thing back in about 2004 or so, and it was no easier this time…)



Lee Kelly

library interiorIt was a daunting task…86 submissions from 47 artists.  We accepted 47 art works from 36 artists…23 of which were landscapes.  We were looking for work that was fresh and original, work that expressed a sense of place.  We discovered that most of the work we chose had a good feeling for light.  We were surprised to find only 5 figures, only 3 drawings, very little non-representational work.   Gorge artists love the landscape, and after a weekend there I am reminded why…

Monday gorge

Monday Hood


gorgeous gorge

And maybe the drive reminded us that highly colorful moments really do occur in nature…and that when you get a bunch of them together they make a statement…


Interestingly there were 5 or 6 paintings that arrived still wet…including this one which at least was so noted…we accepted this piece but think wet paint isn’t a great idea…especially from the jurors’ poinbt of view…

wet paint



Here are Andy Pate’s two faces….

Two heads

With our work all done, we headed up the gorge to our loved ones in White Salmon



TUNNEL 1tunnel 6

where the welcome mat was out…


the delicious dinner (by George—our chef de cuisine in Italy this summer)was ready and the wine was breathing…thankfully…

light at the end of the tunnel

and where we spent the next day sitting, drinking coffee, napping and doing a tiny bit of wine tasting…


black bear diner

black dot

Today was Sidney day…

SRHso we headed to Portland early to get the chicken soup pot on the stove…we all seem to have that first fall cold…

chicken soup

No art today…but TOMORROW…!?





  1. Ah, Bonnie/Roger: Your current post, and the life it exemplifies, was a joy. The way you take your readers along with you on your outings is generous and a total treat. Thanks once more, for letting us look over your shoulders. George

  2. “where art leads you”… to your fabulous chicken soup recipe which i woke up this morning not only thinking about, but knowing i was going to have to buy a nice chicken in order to make that scrumptious soup when the eagle flies in october (manana!)

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