Quilt Group at Kate’s

I first knew Kate Speckman as an artist.  Some years ago I bought a small black and white clay house she made, and sent it to a friend in Italy.  Then I knew Kate as an energetic events manager, a talented and organized volunteer arts administrator, a quilter, a friend.  In 2011 we co-curated a quilt show here in Salem called “Bits & Pieces” featuring innovative quilting from our region.  This year Kate invited me to join a new quilt group forming and I have loved this group of women of different ages, backgrounds, interests and…work.  This past week we met at Kate’s house…

kate house


Kate has chickens, big dogs, and grown-up sons…one who left home making room for Kate’s new sewing room….a very cool DIY project…three bookshelves from IKEA and a table top from their bargain room…

eggs 2chickens2 big dogs

Out of the basement, into the LIGHT!


she made her own giant ironing board out of industrial shelving, plywood and lots of padding…

ironing station


ornamentsfabric 2fabric 1chicken wire

She adapted the cross quilt pattern and made her own version…

cross quilt

cross detail

I loved this double fabric binding technique….

cool binding

and she even shared the tutorial for it that a friend gave her…

binding tutortial

The Frieda quilt is all done…

Frieda quilt detailFrieda Quilt detail B

the happy quilt is almost done…

Happy quilt

and she’s part way through her own version of the wedding quilt pattern LeeAnn and I made in 2012…

Kate's cool quilt

Kate's cool quilt detail

we had a great time…ideas and projects shared, once again…see you in November!



  1. The happy quilt lives up to its title! So cheerful. Great working being done here! Love the piggys and the chicken house is neat!!

  2. I love the pictures of quilts. they really are happy. I have loved reading your blog. I am Mary Bowes Marshall. Your grandmother was my father’s half sister. I came across “on the way” by accident.

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