Quilt Day

For some years the first Tuesday of the month has meant gathering at one house or another with a group of women I’ve come to know pretty well.  We are very different from one another in many ways but we are all daughters, most of us are mothers, some of us are grandmothers, some are […]

Quilts and a Brother

This month the Tuesday quilt group met at Olga’s and she had a few quilts thrown over the railing like a medieval castle… Her house is comfy and fun…here’s something I spied… Linda and Kathleen had shared a piece of fabric in the mystery quilt challenge, and this was the reveal…here’s Linda’s version (front and […]

Quilt Group/July

Today we met at Kathleen Leonard’s house and let me just say, she is a VERY creative person.   We arrived and looked around her nice house, settled in with some coffee… and I began to slowly realize that the woman is a dynamo.  She’s only been quilting about 10 years and she thinks she’s made […]