Harry Widman

The Portland painter Harry Widman died last night after a long fight against Alzheimer’s.  He was surrounded by his family and friends, and at home.

We met Harry and Mardy in 2008, when Roger Hull began to write Harry’s story and curate a show of his work that opened at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in 2009.  The warmth and friendship extended to us by Mardy and Harry made the project easier and more fun…and a visit to Harry’s studio was ALWAYS a treat… R&H beach

R&H studio

Harry explaining

R listening

"paiinted heads

R, M, H at the museum

Harry explaining 2

Goodbye friend…




  1. Wonderful photos. Mardy and I talked Friday. She has a major adjustment ahead and is planning to come down when she’s able. Glad to hear her son is there until December 1. That’s very good. This has been a long haul for both Mardy and Harry, but one they have done with absolute grace.

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