Cleaning Out the Flat-File

The painters are coming in November to paint the woodwork upstairs…which means I have to move the flat-file.  Oh “ye gods” as my Mama used to say.  It’s a mess back there…

the mess in the corner

Some paintings on paper, some just plain blank paper, but MOSTLY…drawings.  And most of them are life-drawings.  I was thinking of going to a life class again, but maybe I have enough…really though it starts with a few from high school…1958…


a self portrait from that time…maybe about 1962…

self portrait 1957

but LOTS from the 1970’s.  I had a drawing show in 1976 at Willamette, and just kept on going…starting with my family…

Zach and Chip

the young professor

the graduate student

the young professor 2

Shaving 2

R-thoise glasses

My cousin Irene

J & Z


…my friends

Steve and Linda




…my friends who were also models, like the amazing Audra who I drew over and over again…she of the many “costumes”…

Audra watercolor

Audra box

Audra 10

Audra 1

Audra 2

Audra 3

Audra 5

Audra 6

Audra 8

Audra 7

and Sandy, a beautiful young woman who I LOVED making into a hag…




Joann 1977

Joann 3

Joann 2

Ruth and Paula

and then the models…

sink lady 2

sink lady 1





2 girls at Carol's

bird girl

Doug the theater guy

frowning guy 2

frowning guy 1

blond guy

wonky girl

headpiece girl 2

head piece girl 1


Siskind 2


…some of the London drawings…

Muswell hill 2

England "Alone..."

England fan

bedroom window Muswell Hill


an English nymph

"Time Passeth Away LIKE A SHADOW"

“Time passeth away like a shadow…”




  1. Wow….that is all there is to say. What a terrific way to wake up in the a.m.. You’ve surely alive with talent. Thank you so much for the review of your sketches! Hope all is well, maybe coffee next week. M.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. you have a lovely hand and eye, bonnie. and you bring surprising tidbits peripheral to the focal point to life…a bit of fabric fully rendered between a model’s legs, a patterned scarf draped over shoulders, a picture propped on a chair. impossible to choose favs, but i love #10 the baby with the big yawn or cry mouth, #34 the ashcan with its rich shadow, #38 the enigmatic scene with two women, rich in possible interpretations, #50 the london door with reflections all rendered with graceful, effortless strokes, and finally #56 the clock with its reflection of your hand at work. san

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