The Quilting Year Begins…

The lovely Tuesday quilt group met this morning at Lynda’s…always fascinating.  She has with an eye and a sensibility close to my own.  She has new quilts, collects old weird quilt tops that maybe have something quirky about them, and makes interesting combinations…always.

Here’s what we were looking at today…her own quilt on the bed…I don’t know the pattern but I think it looks like geese in a formation!

QG geese

QG Geese detail

Her own baby quilt, and a quilt her Mom made and hand pieced…and Lynda quilted…QG Lynda's own baby quilt

QG postage stamp

her first Sue Spargo wool applique…

QG Sue Spargo

a really old top with wonderful fabric…

QG old top with terrific fabric

QG fabric deatil

a quilt top from the 1930’s…

QG 30's fabric

a nice old log cabin

QG old log caBIN

and a terrifically funky tied quilt with a bunch of the ties left long…??

QG with hanging ties

this quilt cracked me up with of this and some of that all mashed together…

QG funky tied quikltQG funky 3QG funky 2

Lynda collects and makes pincushions..too much fun

QG pincushion

QG pincishion 2

this one was made with an old bottle cap…

QG bottle cap pincushion

and this one with a wooden spool in the middle…no wooden spools anymore…

QG Spool pincushion

except at Lynda’s…

CG spools

We had coffee, chat, sewing time, show and tell, and a lot of fun…

QG old pincushion

As we were leaving I saw a quilt that looked familiar…I had photographed it at a quilt show a few years ago…before I knew Lynda.  I asked her if it was hers and she said no, but she had liked it too so she got the fabric and made a duplicate EXCEPT, the other maker had lined up the house and tree squares evenly, and she didn’t.  When I came home I found the other quilt…here on the left and Lynda’s livelier version on the right…

Lynda?Lynda House 2

See you in February!




  1. The quilts ate so,so lovely!! The quilt with long ties, I wonder if someone forgot to cut them off…. I like the many different pieces though. The maker must of attacked her scrap pile. 🙂
    The pincushions are cute!

  2. So interesting,
    the quilts are lovely….(but oh those pincushions!). I love that there are still people that treasure the old quilts, and take the time to make new ones. And that you take the time to share! Thanks Bonnie.

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