“Sketching” Around Town

Drawing is one of my favorite activities, and this weekend in Salem there were some fun opportunities, if you like to draw with a group…and sometimes I do.  (My brother How turned me on to the Urban Sketchers blog a few years ago…the tag line is “seeing the world one drawing at a time”.)  Saturday morning about 25 of the “Salem Sketchers” met at the Ike Box.  (Ike Box used to be a funeral home, back in the day.  For some years now though it’s been a youth oriented coffee place, and place that offers free spaces for community groups…like us.)  The second Saturday of every month the Sketchers meet in a different place, fan out and draw for an hour, and then reconvene and share the drawings.  So after brief introductions and grabbing a coffee the group settled in for an hour…


worker 2




A lot of people drew other group members drawing, which was fun…

Melody's Robin



drawing of Phil

and some of us drew the room…

meeting room

Including me…

my view 2

(the faces are my view of the departed souls from the old days…but I used some of my compatriots causing one person to ask if appearing on the screen meant she was dead??  Nope…artistic license?)

me at Ike



table 2

And then Sunday the nature sketching group met at the Straub Environmental Center…a different vibe and also very fun.  In this case everybody brought something to draw and we all sat around a big table sharing tales of…now this is geeky in a good way: favorite erasers, favorite pencil sharpeners, good gesso, odd geese marooned in flocks of Canada geese, owls, mixing colors in watercolor…you get it.  But mostly just drawing…

Straub Center 2 Straub Center

Kathleen's flowers

Bonnie L's flower

Debbie's flowers

Denise 2

Boonnie L. 2

Denise's color chart tools

here’s mine…

my flowers

my drawing





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