Around Town Wednesday

We were out and about today and here’s what we saw…we drove by the storefront where Mary Lou Zeek’s new “pop-up” show BLINK opens on February 23 (in between Magoo’s and the OLCC store on SE Commercial Street).  The gala is Tuesday, February 24 from 5-7 and should be fun.  She has a new idea this year…a “work-on-paper” room in the rear of the galley where lots of us will have drawings up…hope you can come take a look.


"Night Studio" "Drawing Board""The Masked Woman Reflects"

we noted Bruce West’s nice sculpture has been sited downtown at the corner of Liberty and State…nice to see it out and about…

Bruce West 1a

even though it might be slightly too close to the trash can and the light pole…?

Bruce West 2

And then who should we spy…they keep moving this banner around but it’s always fun to run across it someplace…


Well today was Kate Brown’s inauguration day as governor…taking over for the newly resigned John Kitzhaber…sad moment…but on we go.


and on the way home to watch the news, we noted the media was in full swing…

camera man


Here’s Joe Donlan, just about ready to go on air…


with the guys setting up the Tracy/Joe chairs



so we raced home to catch the news, and there they were…

Tracy aND JOE

Time to cook dinner…over and out from your reporter around town…



  1. > That was such a good around town report. Working at the Capitol for these last few weeks has been like history happening right before my astonished eyes. >

  2. Bonnie….You are the very best! Thank you for another well rounded, unbiased, interesting report. Rock on!

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