The Horner Collection

We stopped in Philomath the other day to check in with Irene Zenev at the Benton County Historical Society Museum.  There they also house the Horner Collection, formerly at OSU but transferred in 2008 to Benton County.  On the Horner Colection website is a nice slide show of the moving of this collection…the result of the collecting of John Horner…

Mr: Horner

And the challenge of the collection is that includes sooo much.  We were there, for instance, to see a Louis Bunce PWA painting (the predecessor of the WPA in the depression)…”the Butchers”…1934 (Bunce actually worked in a meat packing plant as a young man…)

The Butchers

but we got to see much much more, including the beautiful new storage system…

Modern shelving

fabric & rugs

the 1965 departmental computer from OSU…(and your iPhone has more power and capactiy than this unit!)

computer outside

computer inside

the original sign that inspired Bernard Malamud’s novel title “The Fixer” (Malamud spent a year at OSU long ago)


some Darrel Austin paintings from the WPA years…

Darrel AustinDarrel Austin 2



detail of a Yakima tribal canoe being returned to the tribe…

Yakima canoe detail

and then the amazing Taxidermy collection…(I forgot the picture of the full sized adult Moose…)



taxidermy 2


along with this photo showing a float in a 1910 parade in Corvallis…the Taxidermy collection out for a ride!

the taxidermy float

Amazed and delighted we said our goodbyes and headed for the beach where Saturday was sunny and mild, and Sunday was not too blustery for a bike ride…

lunchbike ride


  1. Love Irene, and love the Benton County Museum. They were the first museum to exhibit my quilts, and we’re having another exhibition this year for Quilt County – groovy 1970s quilts!

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