Kristin Kuhns at Salem Public Library

Save the DATE!…and that date is Saturday, April 11, 2015.  10:00 a.m.  Artist Kristin Kuhns and the Salem Public Library will be unveiling Kristin’s two pieces for the entrances (one on each floor) to the children’s room at the library.  Library staff was intent that when Children enter the library they know EXACTLY where to go…and there will be no mistake.  Kristin has been working on the project for a year and the work has included felling trees, building a wide variety of fauna (all native to Oregon),  constructing trees for habitat for the birds and animals she has made, hand painting and finishing all the “critters” while also making a program for installation.  Bases needed to be made, giant drill bits and the logistics of attaching the pieces to the Library’s concrete walls, all a bit overwhelming to me… but well within Kristin’s range, impressive and beautiful.  Take a look at the progress as the year has passed…

CR entrance

CR concept drawing

CR the tree

CR bark removal

CR sources 1

CR bunny at the begining

CR begiinning of painting

CR studio

CR beaver

CR birdCR little owlCR baby bat

CR sources 2Kristiin with hawk

CR Crows:ravena


CR tree 1

CR Kuhns and fawn

CR fawn

CR "The Trees" in the studio

CR Trees ini studio 3


CR poster

You won’t want to miss it…!!





  1. This is going to be even better than a whole year of imagining and a whole lifetime of wishing could conjure.

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