Taking the Short Cut

We had to leave the beach today…IMG_5163

but when we got to the highway it was (as Doug would say) “a parking lot.”  As we inched north we decided to take the “secret” shortcut…(I trust you not to tell anyone),IMG_5773

(YAY…it was raining!)IMG_5774

and head up Schooner Creek…IMG_5776

When we got the beach house years ago our friend Don told us about the Schooner Creek road…his grandma had a house in Cutler City and they often used the “secret” route.  Maybe twice a summer season we use it, and today was the day…IMG_5777

The road follows the lovely Schooner Creek about thirteen beautiful miles on a gravel road…(you can see my quilt reflected in the window lest you think I was just riding and not working…) eventually rejoining the highway at Rose Lodge.IMG_5778


this is a clear cut replanted in 2006…IMG_5782

and this one needs a little work…IMG_5784

There isn’t much around out there…IMG_5783

but eventually we made it home to water the limelightsIMG_5175

have dinner on the deck…


and enjoy the white flowers in the dusky garden, coming on alarmingly early but beautiful  nonetheless…IMG_5183



  1. oh bonnie, mum is the word. btw, do not check weather on your iphone or you two will be wishing you had not left the beach.



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