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It was 99 degrees today, with 104 predicted for tomorrow…just now at 8:30 p.m. I’m opening the house for a wisp of breeze.  I DO believe in global warming, btw.

But here’s the coolest thing I did today…a long lunch and a warm and lovely conversation with my friend Nadia…in from Tunisia.  She writes a blog of great charm and interest…a blog that reviews her 40 years of living in Tunisia, as well as the current troubles…check it out.  We “met” on the internet, but it turns out she was born in Salem, where I live.  Her Dad was a colleague of R’s in our early days.  Her Mom was a spinner and weaver of great local reputation.  She fled, as children often do…and in Paris she met her future husband.  The rest is history.

But today we talked about quilting, sewing, work, family, grandchildren, dying, accumulated stuff and what to do with it…and DRAWING.  She let me peek into her two drawing books she takes everywhere with her…and I grabbed a couple of photos of her “selfies”…(she got her hair cut!)

Nadia 1

Nadia 2

Her “world” is convoluted and a bit scary just now, but she is a strong woman.  I love you Nadia.  Stay safe.

and for Larry Von Gray…here was the other cool thing I did…

carwash 1 carwash 2 carwash 3