Art Laundry 2

In 2012 I went to Fort Bragg, California, to make art with my friend artist Carolyn Schneider, and to put up a show called “Art Laundry” at the Lost Coast Culture Machine Gallery.  We had fun, worked hard, and the show was a success and held over for another month.  Carolyn discovered her latent desire to iron in public, I had a great time drawing, sewing, etc.  I made the “Shrine to Plaid”…

art laundry 3

..and put up drawings, quilts, monoprints.  This year Carolyn is coming to Salem and together we are going to make an installation called “Art Laundry 2″…as part of SAlem Art Association’s Project Space 2015…

Scanned Image

We’ll be setting up shop at 211 NE Commercial Street from August 24-September 4, with the “opening” on Wednesday, September 2nd.  We intend to draw, cut, sew, wash, dry, mend, iron, fold and repeat.  We hope to consider art work and women’s work, and the space between.  Public ironing will occur daily from 1-2…come see us.

looking to the front








    1. do you iron the backs of things? I never iron anything that doesn’t show. I never thought of ironing as an art form–I guess I need to broaden my horizons. I love seeing the world through an artists (your) eyes. I wish I could be there–congradulations and good luck.

  1. I’m sure Art Laundry will bring back memories of Elizabeth Southwell who regularly ironed the antique linens at And Old Lace during the 21 years she owned this thriving business on Court Street between Liberty and Commercial.
    This shop. once between the main Shryock’s and Glance, was where many of my best Salem moments were spent— loving the way elegant, hand-stitched old linens and lace were honored by Elizabeth, queen of the ironing board.

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