Though I haven’t been writing about my sewing practice much at all, in my real life I’ve been doing little else but stitching stitching.  Stitching.  Thursday I delivered eight red and white quilts to the Corvallis Art Center where they will be on view September 1-27, in two small venues at the Art Center called The Corrine Woodman Gallery.  The main show will be two well-known quilters Bonnie Bucknam and Linda McLaughlin.  I’ll be “giving remarks” (uh oh…) at a brown-bag lunch “moment” at noon on Wednesday, September 9th.  If you can take time to see the show, I’d appreciate some feedback.


The exhibition curator Hester Coucke specifically requested the red and white quilts so I have included four older quilts, three new quilts made for this show, and one “rescue quilt” (an old vintage top bought at a thrift store and quilted by me.)  The concatenations of stitches running through all eight quilts bring together my life for at least the last eight years or so…many are named for places (New Mexico, Italy, Seattle, Shaw Island), places where I worked on them or dreamed them up…all include found fabric, all are hand-quilted.  Here’s a peek…

Italian Red and white during

Italian Red and white

alphabet log cabin


New Mexico during


Straight from Belgium

red scraps

Shaw Island during


If I wish I had counted something it would be how many times I’ve threaded a needle…


IMG_5921into the car

(Luckily I was able to get a professional art mover for this…)


Phew.  On to the next…Art Laundry starts this Monday…Public ironing daily 2-4 except Sunday…opening Wednesday September 2.  An installation considering art work, women’s work, and the spaces between.  Bonnie Hull and Carolyn Schneider…211 Commercial Street NE…come see us.  Daily between August 24th and September 4th, except for Sunday August 30th (when we’ll need to go to the movies…)

Scanned Image


  1. It’s been a joy to follow your progress as you’ve brought your own unique aesthetic to quilt-making, and then offered it all to the art world. Congratulations on your show!! I know your work will be well-received. I think our brain waves are connecting again, as I’ve just started quilting my white and red inspired by you. xo

  2. love it ALL, but especially the panel of pre-threaded needles, at the ready….like a surgeons’s tools, ready when needed………love your “sharings”

  3. amazing. your quilts are so beautiful and love the stitching. I think my favorite is the one with really big pieces. can’t tell if the fabric is plaid or that’s the quilting. the quilting on the “background” white and red fabric is fab. wish I could be there in person. your talk is going to be wonderful.

  4. Love all of these…MaryLee could not quit talking about your quilts….thanks for sharing!


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  5. Come hell (fires) or high water (if it would only rain) i will come to Corvallis to see your show…. you cracked me up with you “professional art mover!”

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