Off to Camp Sherman

Here’s a little picture-only story of my blissful weekend last week.  Katy Vigeland, Nancy Eng and I (one half of the Salem Art Group six) headed to Katy’s family cabin on the Metolius River at Camp Sherman, for 3 days of painting, drawing, talking about art, reading and laughing.  There is NO connectivity of any kind in Camp Sherman so we were unplugged…a challenge for some of us.  Nancy and Katy were painting, while I was making little drawings on post cards for the upcoming Art Market at SAA’s winter show.

Camp Sherman is not Black Butte (though you can see Black Butte from there).  The cabins are rustic, small, many built on leased Forest Service land.  It’s more of an old-time Oregon experience.  No more talk, just some pictures of a beautiful place with some beautiful women.


Katy's 2



day pine 2 day pine night pine

Katy's house


evening trees

kindling (1)fireplacefire (1)

inside out

CS bedroom



K table 1


N paperNancyK table 2

salad buffet

reveal 3

Me (1)

Katy in process

the girl artistsThanks Katy





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