One Day Off

It rained today.  As my friend Ellen put it, about waking up to a recent rainy Vermont day “…it seemed an invitation to a Reading Day.  I accepted.”  Ahhh…

rain (1)

I think my life to be pretty full and fun…making things, seeing things, good work to do, interesting people, lots of art, a supportive family, beautiful places to live and work.  So I’m not complaining mind you…just tired after a busy couple of months.  The rain early this morning, the gray day…NOTHING on the schedule…what a relief.  I received the invitation to stay home and do random things, and I gratefully accepted.

My day had some reading…(and then some cooking…more on the ragu recipe later.)


But to recap…new studio…

IMG_60129-8-15/5 studio

Corvallis quilt show down, and sleeves sewn on the new quilts which go to Newberg for the show “Conversation: Bonnie Hull and Kay Worthington” November 5-30, in the gallery at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon…


witness to the next load of archival material from artist Rex Amos…

IMG_6144archive boxjournal

…and Rex even allowed archivist Mary McRobinson to be photographed in one of his notorious hats from his vast collection…

Rex and Mary

tangerine break with Sidney…

tangerine time

quick beach run…

beach sunset

“An art historian’s work is never done.”  RPH.

beach writing

Visits with sibs…

bikes and Q's

fall dinner


Market cooler

Photographer Don Normark’s photos on view this month at 12X16 and painter George Johanson talking about Don, his photos, and their 74 year relationship (they met in grade school, roomed together in NYC, painted and photographed each other all these years…)

Geo talking about Don


Don’s photo of painter Roy De Forest’s dog…

Roy DeForrest's dog

and the start up of a new cooperative gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center as five artists who have studios at the Mill valiantly try take over the Compass Gallery.  Slow start, but loved seeing my work up…opening this Thursday 5-7…we are Dayna Collins, Leonard Kelly, Kathy Shen, Rollie Wisbrock and me.  Come see us.


So all afternoon long I’ve been simmering the ragu as per the New York Times…

veg readyready to cookadd veg


Pretty close…almost time for dinner!

NYTimesragu 2








  1. So, I probably just missed you at 12×16 on Sunday 🙂 mainly forgetting that if I looked at the people there I might recognize you and Roger! Wonderful show.

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