Quick Beach Visit

We had a new fence built this week, between our house and the house-of-constant-renters…maybe you remember how it looked the summer before last..here…so we zoomed over to take a look…it’s good!

fence 2 (1)


It poured and blew and sheeted down on Saturday…


but today dawned sunny and clear and perfect for getting out the sweet old bikes…wedding bikes from that long-ago day 46 years ago…

bikes 2

bikes 3


It was beautiful today and high tide on Siletz Bay….

high tide

…everybody in town was busy…


off home we went.





  1. Very thoughtful of you to leave the fence short at neighbors window, so they can enjoy the light….
    Happy anniversary to you and Roger, and your sweet bikes. Y’all have been together a very long time. MANY MORE!
    Enjoy your blog so much, it always fills my day with sunshine. Even when the paper “boy” misses the porch. xo

  2. Love it all! So like you two to create a handsome solution that accommodates the somewhat undeserving neighbors. Happy anniversary! …if that is what the fine old bikes (w/ their great shadows) were indicating.

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