The deed is done and it was fun!  On Tuesday we packed our cars, grabbed a coffee and took off for Newberg…


Gallery director Tim Timmerman and his student assistant Sarah were ready for us and set to work…we arranged the pairs, it went up quickly…

setting u p the show 2

Sarah and Tim conversation

Tim hanging

setting up the show

photo opKay (1)

alphabet feet

set up panorama

and when we arrived Friday afternoon…Voila!

panorama quilt show

spring before"Spring"...Hull

…just a few last minute details…

Sarah puttiing on last minute touches

the chairs looked good…Kay’s

Kay's chair

and mine…

My chair

the birds…(mine the black one Kay’s the white one)



People came…said the nicest possible things…here’s Kay with her granddaughter Amalia, owner of the white quilt which was a birthday gift last spring, and Amalia’s Mom Lisa…

Kay, Amalia and Lisa

Kay and Holly…

Kay and Holly




Kay photoingconversation viewConversation 3

We gave remarks ( my FIRST Power Point, and possibly my last)…

-33 -34-31



come take a look…

Conversation chairs

2564 Conversation Show Posterfinal2

Directions:  follow signs to George Fox University which ever direction you arrive from turning on a street I think is called Meridian.  Enter at the large permanent sign for the campus (black with white) and the first building you will see is the Hoover Academic Building, with a guest parking lot near by…the gallery is to the right just inside the front doors…the gallery is open from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.  The official end date of the show is December 3rd, but it will be up a week longer…



  1. How nice Bon. We rock. Had dinner tonight with the biblers among others. Carol said they talked about our show all the way to Portland. Rob was impressed with the labels and the discriptions of our process. He said just the opposite of the atmosphere at PDX. he said she really needs to show our work. Carol said the air is too thin at PDX. xxo, K

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  2. oh i am so there in the body of an ant to the southwest wall of the gallery and oh it looks wonderful and says so much!

  3. we were knocked out by the artists’ talk beforehand, the “conversation”, if you will. bonnie and kay made for an informative and entertaining duo, showing slides of their work and taking questions from the audience. such a large number of folks showed up for this opening, that nic and i ducked out after the talk, deciding to return on a quiet afternoon and put our eyeballs right into the stitches and patterns rather thanfind ourselves socializing with folks there. it sure looks lovely in this blog, bonnie, and the two chairs are a fabulous addition.

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