“Still Talking”

Today for me was a day of beginnings and endings…

Kay Worthington and I spoke today at Chemeketa Community College at the third quilt show we have produced together.  Last year we were invited by Tim Timmerman to show at George Fox University Gallery in the fall.

This year we were invited by Laura Mack and Kay Bunnenberg Boehmer to show our quilts at Chemeketa Community College’s Gretchen Schuette Gallery.  The 24 quilts in the show (12 from each maker) were all made since January of 2016, and all are hand quilted.


We dropped them off a week ago and just put them on the floor in pairs for Kay BB and her assistant to hang later on…and they looked kind of pitiful lying there on the floor…


here was one hanging suggestion we had…



But by today, for the opening, they were all on the walls looking good…







we had a good crowd for our opening remarks, lots of questions and lots of enthusiasm, which made us happy,  If you are out and about go take a look.  It’s open until October 28…Building 3 on the campus.  Closed weekends…


After grabbing a coffee (it was National Coffee Day today)…


R and I took down my paintings at the Compass Gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center, and turned off the lights…the end of a fascinating nine month experiment with Dayna Collins and Tory Brokenshire…



…and on to the next adventure…


  1. I can’t wait to see your show at CCC and to have a personal tour is even better. Compass Gallery . . . . ahhhh, bittersweet. Sad to see it empty.

  2. We goofed up the hours of your’s & Kay’s talk (darn) and arrived slightly before noon on the opening day. However, we peeked under every quilt since the tabs on the lower right corners invited that. Ingenious addition to displaying and viewing quilts. As with people already there admiring the quilts, we photographed every one save the baby quilt as the desk area was busy when we were there. A really eye catching art show! We both had several favs, but the Guatemalan quilt/experiment? caught my eye. And then there was the bunny story. Awww! We will return for a 2nd viewing. As for the 9 months at Compass, you 3 artists were giving birth. A labor of love that will be missed.

  3. sorry i missed your talk, but do plan on seeing the show. i love that you hand quilt. can hardly wait till your next great adventure!

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