Michael Boonstra, Eunice Parsons and SIDNEY!

Monday is Sidney day every week.  We head to Portland to hang out with a very nice young man, soon to be 2, but Monday is a day most galleries are closed.  ONE gallery that IS open that we’ve come to like is Duplex Gallery.  One reason we like to go is the very nice shows, but another reason we like to go is that it is from the doorway of Duplex that we can see the “red deer uptop building” that has become Sidney’s favorite…

red deer

Some Monday’s we’ve come to stand in the doorway just for the view…

deer hunt

but this week we went to see Michael Boonstra’s excellent show which just opened…

Duplex front (1)

He’s done a lot of aerial photography, but these are graphite and ink on clay board and are really beautiful…you must go see…





Boonstra grid

We enjoyed it, Sidney took a quick selfie…

gallery viewerselfie

and we headed to Piccolo Park, another Monday morning favorite and especially the “ABC sign”…


After a romp in the leaves we headed to Belmont Street to Luke Dolkas’ Frame shop where the work of collage artist Eunice Parsons was on view.  Eunice continues to make wonderful work now into her 100th year.  I was lucky enough to show with her back in 2009 and consider her a friend.  The morning turned very sunny and Luke’s shop is flooded with light so my photos don’t do the work justice…go take a look…

at Luke'sLuke's 2

two at Luke's

Atelier Cezanne

“Twilight” was my favorite…already sold…





and should you have a young person along, Luke has that covered too…


Shopping next, lunch at Otto’s, nap time on a sunny afternoon…

sunny afternoon at Caruthers

and then sandbox play while Grandfafa sits by the “fire”…


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