Saturday Stuff

Saturday was the kind of day I like best…lots of different stuff happening.  It began here in town when the Salem Sketchers met up for coffee and drawing at Archive Coffee…

Salem Sketchers

and a selfie stick came in handy…

selfie stick


…then a zydeco jam over at the Mill (hoping they do it monthly as it was FUN..people dancing in the halls)…the bass is named “Bella” and the guy playing the washboard is Max…


off to Portland catching up briefly with Sidney…who learned to peel the orange all by himself!

IMG_4282 IMG_4277

Off then to Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center for visual and performing arts…to their annual fund-raising auction where once again artists have donated work (:-( not my favorite, but okay…) in support of the Center.  It was packed…


The silent auction piece I wanted was by Amy Bernstein (who I wrote about here a while back) and actually this very piece was the one I wrote about in March, 2014, but it quickly exceeded my budget…


So on it went…our friend Michael bought this very nice DE May piece…(that’s actually Michael’s head and wineglass shadow stalking the piece…)


the live auction was fun…here’s Malia Jensen’s photo…


and this woman REALLY wanted this Patrick Kelly Drawing…and she got it!!

IMG_4267 the winner!KELLY 3

But back to the sad me, going home without the Amy Bernstein…but what?  Inside Disjecta is a small gallery called…

Carl & Sloan

and right inside Carl & Sloan was an Amy Bernstein painting I COULD take home with me.  The gallery wasn’t really “open” as it was the staging area for the caterers, but Mr. Carl was nearby and happy to take my money, so…HOORAY!  (For some reason this painting, which I love for many formal and aesthetic reasons, also reminds me of “Candyland”?)  Great day…(thanks Graham)

Amy Bernstein



  1. First off, it appears you did all that without a nap. Just astonishing.
    Then congratulations on the new piece of art.
    Hope we will see you in December.

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