Blog Sloth Admission

I’ve been lazy in the blog department but then…no time to write and nobody has time to read so, what the heck…and then it hasn’t been inspiring weather, you know?  Torrential rain for days on end…I KNOW it’s Oregon, but…it’s been cozy in–looking out through the drear…

rain window

and then today…sunshine, of a sort.  Clearly the only place to go was someplace I love but haven’t visited lately…ahhhhhhh…


carwash 1 carwash 2 carwash 3

Cookies have been baked and oddly wrapped…


and the favorite worn and very old junk store tins emerge once more…


…the birds are flying around the house…

sink bird

IMG_5247Kristin's owlnesting


thank you bird

it’s beginning to look like Christmas…





  1. Just found of box full of all sizes of Christmas tins (storing ornaments inside) in my garage. Hadn’t opened that box for several years and it was fun to welcome old friends into the house.

  2. It is really too too wet. But you have made it so merry & bright, cozy& warm, I can smell the cookies and feel the sweet warmth. And a quick dose of car wash images is the finishing touch! OX

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