Robert Schlegel

Bob Schlegel is a good painter.  In our world you see his work all over in public places.  And though his paintings are nice, calming, interesting and the sort of paintings you can live with, it’s the other stuff he makes that I  love.  Stuff isn’t maybe the best word for these inventive crazy constructions…houses, boxes with strange items inside (like the one we bought a few years ago) and, off and on for years…birds.  Birds like this bird that sits on our sideboard everyday, appears to be pecking at a Christmas ornament in this photo…

thank you bird

I’m sorry to say, since I know better, that I used this photo without attribution the other day.  This bird flew into our house as a trade…R wrote about the birds for a catalog put together by Bob and Robert Tomlinson…

cover (1)

title page

birds that look like they could fly right away, even though they are really a bundle of cotton and paper and wire…the one perched on the left is one I’m in LOVE with…


Merry Christmas bird man!



  1. Bonnie I love the bird pecking the ornament. Merry Christmas you sweet creative lady. I know it’s not your doing but the fact that you have it and photographed it in such a whimsical way makes me say that.

  2. The bird on the right side at the bottom, reminds me of a bitty that just hatch, still wet which makes the legs look too long and there is straw stuck to it for it took a tumble on these wobbly legs. 😊Merry Christmas,Bonnie!!!

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