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Did you ever have a day when you just DID NOT want to go out?  Last Thursday for me…



I wasn’t “unwell” exactly, and my mother is far beyond my reach, but it was a matter of comfort.  I needed a day of doing small things.  Getting some envelopes ready to mail…


packing away Christmas…


checking on what the plant whisperer as been up to…(this guys seems to make anything bloom or rebloom…)

Plant whisperer


swirling around the house…


discovering the sewing room was actually clean…so needing to rectify that…



finding an old box with some childhood treasures…

kid treasures

and a souvenir from studio days in Isleton…Isleton scissors

then the little baby quilt I’ve been working on…

Quilt for baby 2

…a block I edited out of the big Moda quilt from last year (because the thing is too dang big)


and I KNOW it will be good for a baby because every time I take it up to Sidney’s house in my work basket he snatches it out, puts it on the floor and adds his own comfort stuff…

Q-S 1

(quilting done, binding going on tonight…)

quilt for baby'

Thursday was a sunny day and the roof guys came to repair the leaks…it was grim…

roof repair

I pruned a bit…(roses done long before Valentine’s Day!)


and then Tuscan white bean soup…the perfect day for taking a breath….

Tuscan white bean soup