Art History 101

The interesting thing about living with an art historian, if you are an artist, is the parallels, juxtapositions…the “pairs” that art historians see around them.  All the time.  Last night I got out the work I’ll be taking down to the Compass Gallery tomorrow to hang the new show (more about that later, no doubt) and I sort of “auditioned” the work in the parlor, posting this photo last night on Instagram.


This morning over coffee R suggested that the photo of last night reminded him of Jean Antoine Watteau’s 1720-21 painting called “The Sign Shop of Gersaint” ( in which, bottom left, the portrait of the recently deceased Louis XIV is being stowed away)

or maybe Samuel F.B. Morse’s “Gallery of the Louvre” from 1831-33


(Morse painted the images of the paintings at the Louvre but had to rush home so took it on the ship with the frames of the paintings not yet completed…work he could do in his studio back in America)…BTW Morse’s painting was not acclaimed (he wanted to charge $.25 admission for culture starved Americans to get themselves up to speed) so he abandoned painting and invented the telegraph instead…and, dear readers, THAT is a lot of information to have before you even get out of bed on a rainy February morning…



  1. Thanks, Bonnie. I had no idea that Samuel Morse had been a painter at one time. Learn something new every day!

  2. Totally delightful! Your art-filled parlor is wonderful! Every image & bite of info, a tasty morsel, no matter when consumed.

  3. you are right about learning so much before getting out of bed. we savored this issue last night when it came in to our phones, before turning off the lights. who knew? and that large piece of yours in front is powerful even seen on the small screen.

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