Visiting Artists

And by that I mean the verb, not the noun.  I consider it one of the real privileges I have to tag along with R when he’s off to interview an artist (future interviewees–I don’t always go, only sometimes.)…we smile and chat, he goes into to interview mode and I look and look.  All good.  So we went to visit the painter Jackie Johnson the other day for R to talk to her about her remembrances of Louis Bunce, current biographical and curatorial subject of Roger Hull’s work.  I consider Jackie a friend so I got to go along…in the entry the last piece she made after almost 20 years in New York and the first piece she made after her return to Portland…

Jackie firstJackie last

Jackie grew up in Portland, her family living next door to sculptor Lee Kelly.  She counts the Kelly family as very important as a window into a world where she felt comfortable and happy and involved…a world she jumped into with both feet.  Her own paintings are everywhere…





but so is the work of others…

Bunce dove



Summer Window

"Sand Beach and Dune 2" 1981

and R likes to look at the backs of paintings too…


There is a texture to the houses and studios of artists that works for me…



mask 3mask 4mask 5

guache station

Jackie 8

Then Monday we zoomed up to Kim Murton’s studio to pick up some bunny plates…


where she was in full production mode with her assistant there working away…

KM 1KM 2



and sometimes if you are lucky you can arrive at a magic moment…Happy Birthday Mardy Widman!



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  1. another full ‘story’, bonnie. we enjoyed looking at all the art you took the time to photograph. jackie johnson’s work is sculptural. does she make objects as well as paintings?

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