Maya Lin and Sidney

Back in 2011 R and I went to the first of the Maya Lin “Confluence” pieces at Cape Disappointment.  Last week on Sidney day we visited the second piece we have seen in Vancouver, WA…the “Land Bridge” and we liked it just as much.

The walk up the Land Bridge piece begins at the historic apple tree…supposedly planted in the 1820’s and in bloom last Monday…or what is left of it is in bloom…

apple tree

apple tree sign

and up we went into the Maya Lin piece conjoining the history of the native people with the history of settlement and development…a tall order and gracefully done…

arch 3

arch 2arch 1arch back



and going with kids is more fun…go take a look…

Sidney at LaND BRIDGESidney 1S Land bridge 2

S land brige 3

Sidney Landbridge 4

Sidney Land bridge 5

at the top of the walk is a view of Fort Vancouver…

Fort Vancouver 1

then into the car we went


and home to the new house…


same old rituals in a new space…(“Singing in the Rain”)…

Singing in the rain at the new house




  1. fantastic shots of sydney. he’s a charmer & your photos catch him enjoying all the ‘new’ experiences of this new-to-him world. a lucky child to have grandparents who take him to such exotic (& familiar) places.

  2. Love every last photo & detail of Sidney the Sensational! The two fellows ‘Singing in the Rain’ is so fine. Maya Lin’s art work is pretty interesting as well.

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