Tiny Bowls

Katy is just back from an adventure in Japan and she brought us each a present yesterday…

Katy 1

We got to choose so there was a mad dash…

Katy 2

and I got this one…

Katy 3

and low and behold, tied in a hankie (which is brilliant as I actually USE cloth hankies…) with cherry blossom chopsticks was…

Katy 4

…a tiny bowl.  She could not have known that I have an fanatical and obsessive love of tiny bowls, and that I’ve been snapping pictures of some of the many tiny bowls around the house for a blogpost…but there you go.  Perfect.  And let me just add that I actually USE tiny bowls…

bowl 5

bowl 13bowl 12bowl 11

bowl 10bowl 9bowl 8

bowl 6BOwl 3abowl 4a

Bowl 1aBOWL 2

and they stack nicely…

bowl stack

Some are hand made like sue Mason’s bowl she brought full of clothes pins for “Art Laundry”

Sue Mason

or Kim Murton’s wonderful bunny bowls which also remind us of an adventure with Sidney…

2 bunnies (1)bowl 13

and then this guy…he has a little homemade “house” box outside of his house in SE Portland where he sells his small clay pieces on the honor system and I just love them…(2115 SE 48th in case you’re in the neighborhood)


bowl 12abowl 10Bowl 1a

souvenirs like this one from the National Gallery in DC when I asked three little girls to pick their favorite and that’s the one I bought…


or this one which came from Nature’s on a depressing and rainy day when a little ray of sunshine was needed…

bowl 4

Ashton made this one by gluing magnets to the bottom and it lives in my sewing drawer…bowl 6

It’s a harmless addiction and all together they don’t take up much space…and sometimes they accidentally make into little terrific moments, blasts of color…

2 blacks






  1. Wonderful post! Delightful is the word for this collection of your tiny bowls and your grand photographs of them in their various uses and combinations. A sweet pleasure.

  2. Playing catch-up and can’t believe how lucky i am to start with this gem. Love all things little, and your bowls are a delight. thank you!!!

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